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Tu Linh QUACH (Luciana Vessalius)

Luciana's NoteBook (A Page of my Life)

Hi everyone,


I'm Tu Linh, but just call me Luciana, pleassseee. Thank you.


I'm currently studying a game design course at SAE Creative Media institute, Sydney, Australia. I spent most of my spare time drawing and creating when I as a child. You can find a lot of my drawings, from original characters to fanart, in my Wordpress, Instagram and Devianart links. Besides that, you will also find my gaming projects which I have been passionately working on for the last 2 years at Uni. I am an amateur creator with 2 years experience in Game Design, Level Design, Art Design, Voxel Model Design and Visual Effect.


A combination of technology and creativity drove me to the passion of being a game designer. It is an amazing experience when working as a game designer with people from various studies to create unforgettable experiences.


As a passionate and motivated professional, I’m constantly striving to improve my techniques, expand my skillset and find new opportunities to grow. Each of my projects - both solo and collaborative - have provided this growth and allowed me to establish myself within this competitive industry. Please enjoy my portfolio, and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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