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Studio: GDS220 - Games Studio 2 (SAE Institue Sydney)

Beautiful creature from the other world - will-o-the-wisp will lead you to mystery fireflies sanctuary in deep of the Enchanted Forest, where strange phenomenon and different time flow exist...

Project Details


Release:  4 May 2018

Studio: GDS220 - Games Studio 2 (SAE Institue Sydney)

Platforms: PC

Team size: Individual work

Project length: 1 week

Responsibilities: level design, programming

Engine and tools: Unity, Visual Studio, C#

Supportive program: Post Processing

Assets: All assets are FREE assets from Unity Store

WHat's Enchanted Forest?


  • Enchanted Forest is a level design I worked on in Game Studio 2 at Uni. This level was created by my natural skills and creative mind and inspired by fantastic and professional level design about nature. Enchanted Forest was positively criticized as a very good and excellent level design work by Geoff Hill - GDS220 lecturer. It is also my proud and my confidence as a game design student in trimester 4 at Uni.

  • Features:
    + Terrain design and environment set up.
    + Day and night cycle with motion moon and stars.
    Will-o-the-wisp movement and fireflies particle

    effects at night time..+ 
    Forest level with filmic effects.

       + 3D sound 'far and close' effect for

       the waterfall.

       + Wind effect for trees and grasses.

Download the level design  (as playable game) here

(Click the icon)

Note: File is still being updated

Thank you ❤

Hi, its me!~ I worked on Level Design for Enchanted Foest as a part of game designer and game developer.

Meet The Level Designer                        



Level Designer

Work Details                                  


~Thank​ you~
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