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Studio: GDS220 - Games Studio 2 (SAE Institue Sydney)

Parents wish the best for their children, telling them to do the right thing, and sometimes the wrong thing that they believe to be right. We hope to communicate to the player that you are ultimately in control of your decisions and part of growing up and maturing is making those decisions for yourself...

Project Details


Release: 227 April 2018

Studio: GDS220 - Games Studio 2 (SAE Institue Sydney)

Platforms: PC

Team size:

Project length: 3 months

Responsibilities: asset creation, creative & design direction/collaboration, writing GDD, animation, character 3D model,

Engine and tools: Unreal Engine, Google Docs, Google Drive, Mixamo

WHat's Control?

  • Control is a narrative driven first-person game about a son and his father. Father is stressed at work and started turning to smoking and drinking to escape from his harsh reality. Eventually, those vices he turned to for escape caused him to escape his life. The son (player) goes back to his old home in order to pay respects, and the cycle repeats.

  • Shows the cyclic nature of how children respond to their parents’ actions.

  • Control takes a genre of 2D platformer with low-poly and simplistic art design, which targets to teenagers and young adult players who dealt or dealing or will deal with the same problem of today society.

Download the game design document here

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Download the game here

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Hi, I am Tu Linh (Luciana) and I contributed my roles as 3D models Design and modelling, Character animation

Meet The Team (One Happy Family)                 



Level Designer, Character Designer, Model Designer and Character animation



Programmer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer



Product Manager, Programmer, Model Designer, Level Designer

Hi, I am Aidan and I contributed my roles as Programmer, Level designer, 3D model supporter and Narrative Designer in this project

Hi, I am Solomon and I contributed my roles as Project Manager, Programmer , Level Designer and Model Designer in this project

My CONTRIBUTIONS                               


  • I was responsible for doing character design and 3D character models and also supported the team with character animation and animator for the game.

    + Using Unreal Engine is a challenge for me as  Unity is always the main engine that I have been working on during 4 trimesters. Animation and Animation Controller are totally different from Unity. And I had to work mostly on Unreal Blueprints which is much more difficult to understand than C# on Visual Studio.
    Difficulties when using Blender for texturing character and the color textures do not show up in Unreal.
    + The character model does not show up in Mixamo properly, there was a rag model overlaps the main model.
    + The most challenge part is importing animation and make the animation from Mixamo works in Unreal. The animation does not show up and does not work in Unreal at first due to lack of knowledge about using Unreal. 



+ Create color materials for the blank textures that missed in Unreal.
+ Take away the overlap character in Blender as I fingered out there are 2 similar models overlap together.
+ Ask Cliff - our lecturer and search for video instructions from Youtube and fingered out the main problem was i did not check for the “Import Animation” and did not use the same skeleton for the animation.

Work Details                                 


  • Character model design by using sketch drawing and Blender

  • There are 2 low poly games that i used to refer for my character design: 
    + Loved 
    + Limbo

  • They have good refer for low poly design and suitable for the game’s theme, however, characters in these game are used mono colors black and white to express their own theme and it is quite not suitable for what we are doing in our game
  • Therefore decided to create a low poly character that is used different tone of colors like blue, dark grey and white to emphasize the main player but still keep the simple of low poly design and to help it escape from single colors to something brighter for the character.

Character Animation and Animator

  • I use Mixamo to implement rigging and animation. Then I implement them to Unreal Engine to work on the animator for the character such as Jump, Idle, Fall,... by using Blueprints.

  • Besides, I also work on Animation audio and level audio by using Blueprint

  • Design tool: Photoshop CS6

Character Design and Model